Positioning strategies






Q10 Media is an advisor in the field of marketing, multimedia content, communication, external relations and institutional relations. It Identifies the most appropriate positioning and image strategies for the enhancement of corporate assets. Besides media relations, it provides its own specialized consultancy in the multimedia and large companies sectors. To meet different consulting needs, it uses a network of professionals able to operate at the most qualified level in the field of relationships and business opportunities. It coordinates and organizes, also from a creative point of view, cultural events and conferences based on the different needs of national and international brands.

why Q10

Quality, quotient, quark, quotation, quanta. Many qualifying words begin with the letter Q. Just as many meanings can be associated with the number 10: from the maximum grade to the soccer jersey of the great champions. Yet, that is not all. The Nobel Prize in chemistry Peter Dennis Mitchell discovered that the movement of ions through the electrochemical potential of the membrane could supply our body with the energy necessary to produce Adenosine triphosphate. Hence the Nobel prize “for its contribution to the understanding of the biological transfer of energy through the formulation of the chemiosmotic theory”: subsequently it was discovered that the energetic current of our organism is related to coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) also known as ubiquinone, an organic molecule present in all cells of our body that produces and transports energy. Q10 Media drew inspiration in designing the brand also from that scientific discovery.
Q10 Media’s ambition is to be an important antioxidant element in the communication and audiovisual sector by bringing energy and expertise into the multimedia business.